Enter to Win the Experience

of Camping By the Falls

Coming Fall 2021

Greenville Outdoors Festival, is the perfect opportunity to encourage families and friends to get outdoors and go camping, go biking, go hiking and go paddling. This event offers any business that touches an outdoor activity to help us highlight the great outdoor opportunities across the Upstate. Businesses, non-profits and vendors of all types will be able to highlight their camping equipment, bikes, hiking gear and paddling options along with informing the community of how to be safe and environmentally friendly. Fall will be the perfect time to encourage everyone to get outdoors! Many will have been indoors far too long, and this will be the perfect time to highlight all the natural beauty that is just minutes away.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Grand Prize

The big excitement is the opportunity to be one of ten raffle winners. These winners will actually camp beside our majestic waterfall the following Saturday evening. The experience includes downtown dining, storytelling, s’mores and breakfast! Plus, the winners take home all camping gear; tent, 4 sleeping bags, 4 sleeping pads and more!


Silver Sponsors